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Hail damage? Follow these 6 steps for repair

Did you know that Indiana is among the top ten states for the most hail damage insurance claims? Indiana averages more than three hailstorms per calendar year, causing damage to your roof, shingles, gutters, and other areas of your home. Don’t let damage go untreated – follow these best practices for quick repair.


What should I do after a hail storm passes through?

1. Assess the damage Normally hail stones 1” in diameter (quarter size) or larger will cause damage – smaller hail usually does not, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone inspect. As soon as you suspect hail damage, contact a trusted roofing contractor to inspect your property for any damage from the storm. Most often, homeowners will get recommendations for roofing companies from family and friends. Before hiring anyone, however, do your homework! Visit the company website, ask for references, and read their reviews. NOTE: If you need a recommendation, contact your homeowner insurance agent. It is NOT necessary to file a claim to get recommendations.


2. File a claim with your insurance company – If your contractor discovers enough damage to warrant a claim, now it’s time to contact your insurance agent or company. Let them know you have hail damage documented by a roof repair inspector. If your insurance company requires a formal estimate, you may need to request one from the contractor. Typically, estimates are only prepared by roofing contractors when required by an insurance company.


3. Meet with the insurance adjuster and your preferred contractor  Before the claim is approved, most insurance companies will send out an adjuster to verify the damage. For that meeting, it’s a good idea for your contractor to be present. The adjuster and contractor can discuss and agree on all damage to be covered. Having two sets of eyes is always helpful to uncover every possible damaged item to your property.


4. Give the insurance estimate to your contractor  Once the claim is approved, the insurance company will provide you with a detailed estimate report for the covered damage, including the total price and quantity of materials. Your contractor will use this report to develop a plan to restore your property to pre-damaged conditions.


5. Sign the contract with contractor and begin repair  At this point, your roofing contractor will get to work on fixing your hail-damaged property. Once the work is complete, you pay your contractor with the money received from your insurance company. Your only out-of-pocket cost is your deductible.


6. Wrap up the claim  Because your contractor was working from an estimate, quite often, the actual costs exceed that estimate. This can be due to the need for more materials, or the discovery of additional damage. Don’t worry! Your contractor will relay this to the insurance company. In most cases, these additional costs are granted and added to the claim total. 

Van Rooy Restoration – Your Indianapolis-Area Hail Damage Repair Experts

From assessing hail damage to working with any insurance company, Van Rooy Restoration makes the hail damage repair process as simple as possible. If you have any questions about storm damage restoration or filing a claim, contact us today or call 317-684-7315.