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Easy DIY Projects to Get Your Home Ready For the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time again to tackle those necessary autumn home improvement tasks. These seasonal preemptive DIY projects are important not only for curb appeal and your incoming guests; they can also help you find issues around your home before they turn into bigger problems.

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Clean Your Driveway and Sidewalk

Before your guests arrive, give them something safe to walk on as they enter your home. Start by moving your vehicles and any other items from your driveway and sidewalk. Rake or blow away leaves and other debris (remember to keep that stuff out of the storm drain!). Hose down the concrete and go at it with a hard-bristled broom or scrub brush. If you want an even deeper clean, use a concrete cleaner. These are often sold as concentrated solutions, so you’ll want to dilute with water and apply with a tank sprayer. Cover the area with cleaner, scrub again, and rinse off with the hose. Your driveway and sidewalk will look as good as the day they were poured.

Check for Indoor Leaks by Going Outside

Besides more stress, houseguests mean more showers, more sinks running, and more toilets flushing. Make sure your home’s plumbing system is prepared for the increased water demand. Before you gear up to check every faucet, fixture, and inch of line, wait! There’s an easier way to find water leaks. Do this instead:

  1. Turn off all water-using devices inside and outside your home.

  2. Locate your water meter. It’s typically in your front yard near the sidewalk, a few feet from the road.

  3. Remove the meter cover. Be careful, as all sorts of critters call meter boxes home. The lid is also heavy.

  4. Identify the flow indicator. It is usually a small red triangle or silver wheel on the meter.

  5. If the flow indicator is spinning at all, and you’re sure no water is on in or outside your home, chances are you have a leak.

Although some leaks, like a running toilet or dripping faucet, are easy to spot, many more leaks are hidden and hard to diagnose. Call a licensed plumber for help.

Frying a Turkey? Plan Ahead!

Fried turkey is one of our absolute favorites. The only problem … it’s also incredibly dangerous to make. It is estimated that thousands of house fires, tens of millions of dollars in property damage, and many injuries and even deaths occur each year due to turkey fryer accidents. Some simple tips will help keep you, your family, and your home safe.

When frying a turkey, it’s important to stay a safe distance from your house. Set up your fryer on a level, non-flammable surface (like your freshly-cleaned driveway). No decks! Use only fully thawed, dry turkey – NEVER put a frozen bird in the hot oil. Constantly monitor the oil temperature, and always remember to use oven mitts and other protective items when handling the pot and lid. And remember … accidents can happen even to the most careful person, so be prepared. Have a dry-powder fire extinguisher ready at all times. We don’t have to remind you that water and boiling oil don’t mix, right?

Need to spruce up the exterior of your Indianapolis area house, or have another project you need to finish before your holiday guests arrive? Give the home improvement and restoration pros at Van Rooy a call today! While we can’t help you deal with your in-laws, we can make sure your property is a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Happy holidays from your friends at Van Rooy Restoration.