Redefining Restoration

2017 Home Improvement Trends

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to restore your home with the most current and up-to-date home improvements. So far in 2017, the new-and-improved home consists of low maintenance, energy-efficient, green-friendly utilities for enhancing everyday life. Are you looking for the latest trends in improving your home? Below we have three ways to modernize your home with the most time-saving, innovative home improvement technologies.

2017 Home Improvement Trends

Effectively Efficient

The world has formed into an accelerated, fast-moving society focused on efficiency, productivity and progression. Now, advancing technologies are enforcing these norms as automation takes over regular human activity. Recently, home improvement trends have centered around automatic, application-based technologies that are controlled by a smartphone or assistant database. For example, Google Home and Amazon Echo are both hands-free speakers that are controlled by your voice to complete specific tasks or actions. These actions include playing music, reporting news and controlling your home’s features such as lights, a thermostat and other electronics.

Going Green

Efficiency and “green” technology go hand-in-hand. Technological advances are centered around becoming energy efficient and eco-friendly, falling into the “green” category. All advances in society are focused on being “right” for the environment. Home improvement trends have transitioned to solar power and producing energy through alternate sources. For example, LED lighting lasts longer and uses less energy than normal fluorescent lights. Many technologies are also ran by solar energy or are attached to solar panels to produce energy in other channels.

Low-Maintenance Living

On top of being eco-friendly and efficient, living a low-maintenance lifestyle is another recent societal norm. Technological advances focus on efficient but low-maintenance, “green” products, implying as little human interaction and effort as possible. These changes are happening within recent home improvements. Home offices are no longer in the office sitting and instead, are in the living room for “working from home” purposes, laundry rooms are becoming the largest room in the house to include as much space as possible, and storage units in homes are becoming larger and more compact. All of which makes life easier, for less maintenance and effort for everyday actions.

Now that spring is almost here, be sure to monitor the latest home improvement trends to keep your home innovative and modern. Whether you’re goal is to add energy-efficient home applications, include green-friendly technologies or incorporate a low-maintenance living style to your home, Van Rooy Restoration can help with all restoration, remodeling, or renovation needs. Call the pros at Van Rooy today and stay on top of 2017’s home improvement trends!