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What to Do If Your Home is Damaged in a Natural Disaster

Experiencing home damage from a natural disaster, no matter how big or small, can cause immense emotional and financial strain on homeowners. This type of damage often happens suddenly and if a plan of action hasn’t been put into place, homeowners are at risk of making crucial missteps in getting the repairs they need. Every homeowner should prioritize a plan in case of storm damage. Here are immediate actions you should take after a natural disaster strikes your home.

What to Do If Your Home Is Damaged in a Disaster
Contact Your Insurance Agent

The very first thing you should do is соntасt your insurance agent or company. This should be done as soon as possible after your home has been damaged. Whenever you communicate in any way with a representative from your іnѕurаnсе соmраnу, keep a log of when you spoke, what you spoke about, and the outcomes from those conversations. Is someone going to come inspect the damage? Do you need to provide documentation? When will your agent follow-up? These questions are examples of pertinent information needed while you begin filing your claim.

Choose a Trusted Contractor

As part of your emergency plan, have a trusted contractor chosen prior to any home damage. Seek out a contractor that is qualified in the insurance claims process and can help walk you through your policy. Once an insurance company determines a fair price to fix the damage, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to find a contractor. This makes finding a reputable company prior to a disaster that much more important. After you make the call to your insurance agent, have a reliable restoration company survey the damage and deliver a detailed quote prior to the insurance claims adjuster’s visit. Doing this can move the entire process along faster, and get you and your loved ones back into a fully restored, pre-loss condition home sooner rather than later!

Contact Your Mortgage Servicer

Unfortunately, damage to your home does not stop your responsibility to pay your mortgage. Contact your mortgage agent as soon as possible, and discuss your situation. There may be a number of options available that could help you temporarily suspend or reduce your mortgage payments.

Take Pictures of the Damage

Just as you should document your conversations with your insurance and mortgage companies, you need to visually document the extent of the damage. These pictures may come in handy when acquiring the full funding needed to restore your home to its original condition, or when dealing with your mortgage provider. In a time of crisis, your memory may fail you, so photographs of the damage could be essential evidence when filing your claim and covering anything you may have missed during conversations with your insurance company.

Home damage due to flooding, hail, wind, or other natural disasters will never be a positive experience, however having an action plan in place can ease the hassle of getting your home back to original condition. Contact us today and we’ll help you develop a disaster action plan as your trusted contractor!

Van Rooy Restoration Launches New, Enhanced Website

With a never-ending mission to bring you the very best service and support, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new and improved website here at Van Rooy Restoration. This enhanced site will give us an even better opportunity to reach out to residents in Indianapolis and across central Indiana. Now, we can better inform you about preventing home and property damage, while highlighting our many products and services designed to restore your property should the unthinkable ever occur.

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New Interactive Features

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Reading is one thing, but seeing is believing. One of our favorite new features on the site is our restoration photo gallery. Browse images of smoke/fire, water, and storm damage, along with our before and after pics to see just how far we go to return your property to “like new” condition again. The Van Rooy photo gallery also includes images of our remodeling/construction, roofing, and 24-hour emergency response services.

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New Monthly Blog

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If you are reading this, that means you’ve found our blog. Nice work! The Van Rooy Restoration blog is updated monthly and covers relevant, timely topics that can help keep your family, your home, and your business safe. Recent posts include winter car emergency kits, winter storm preparedness, and other disaster prep tips. You can access our blog from the Van Rooy homepage or bookmark it for easier access from your computer or mobile device.

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As much as we hope it never happens, accidents and disasters do strike. If a smoke or fire, water, or weather emergency happens to you, we are here when you need us most, 24 hours a day. Write down our contact information and keep it handy, and visit the rest of our newly improved website to find out how Van Rooy is redefining restoration. Stay safe and have a great 2016!