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Preventing Floods in Your Home

When it comes to flooding, no home is 100% safe. Flash floods can strike with zero warning. Your family might be able to escape the rising waters, but what happens to your home?

Preventing flooding in your home

Elevation Is Your Friend

Even if your house isn’t at the top of a hill, you can still safeguard many aspects of it. Since water flows down, raise your home’s heating & cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. Find out the height of your property’s projected flood level, and make sure furnaces, water heaters, circuit breakers, and other vital equipment are anchored above that level.

The same thing goes for essential components outside of your home, too. Get HVAC units, generators, and similar equipment off the ground if you can. Don’t ever let electrical units sit on the ground.

Keep Your Pipes Flowing the Right Direction

It doesn’t take a flood to overload most sewer systems; even moderate rainfall can cause major problems, backing up pipes and sending raw sewage right up and into your home. Yuck! Don’t want to find yourself stuck in a stinky situation? Talk with a licensed plumber in your area, as well as your local water utility about back flow prevention devices. Any plumbing lines that enter your home should have proper preventers installed.

The Lay of Your Land

When it rains, or when you irrigate your lawn, does water tend to pool in certain places? The slope of your property can be a blessing – or a disaster – in a flood event. Make sure the land surrounding your home is designed and landscaped to divert water away from the structure, not toward it. Likewise, always make sure your roof, gutters, downspouts, and foundation are well maintained.

Have a Plan in Place … NOW.

Taking preventative steps is always a smart idea, but they’re not always bulletproof. Sometimes, the rains just keep falling. That’s why your smartest idea is to have a plan in place, just in case. Know what to do with furniture, electronics, and high-value items in your home, like moving them upstairs or at the very least off the floor. The same goes for irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, works of art, and photo albums. Make sure your circuit breaker is clearly labeled, and learn how to shut off the electricity to your home. Have an escape plan prepared, and practice this with your family – and don’t forget about your pets!

Unfortunately, Indiana is no stranger to floods affecting families and communities across our state. Van Rooy Restoration in Indianapolis encourages you to plan ahead and take the necessary preventative steps now. We never want to see it happen, but if your home is affected by a flood or other natural disaster of any size or kind, we’re here and ready to help get your family’s life back to normal as quickly as possible. Learn more about our many home restoration and repair services today.