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Winter is Coming – Are You Ready?

We may only be a few weeks into fall, but winter isn’t far behind. Being prepared means planning ahead, and when it comes to cold weather threats like snow and ice, it’s never too early to start planning. Let’s cover a few things you should know about winter storms.

winter storm

Your Home

You tune in to the local evening news, only to see a breaking weather alert that a severe winter storm is headed your way. So, you drop what you’re doing and rush to the store to stock up on supplies. The only problem? So does everyone else, and by the time you make it to the store, shelves are empty and folks are fighting over what’s left. It’s a scary reality, but the items in your pantry and medicine cabinet might not be enough to help your family ride out a bad storm. That’s why you need to start planning now. An emergency supply kit is essential for your home. Be sure to include gear like:

  • A three-day supply of food & water for each family member (and pet!)
  • Flashlights & extra batteries
  • A first aid kit & medicines (over-the-counter & prescription)
  • Cold weather outerwear & spare blankets
  • Alternative heat source (like a wood fireplace or coal-burning stove)
  • Rock salt or kitty litter for steps & walkways
  • Extra cash

You can find a longer list of items to add to your home’s emergency kit in our recent weather disaster blog post.

Your Car

Just like your home, you’ll want to make sure each of your family vehicles is stocked with a portable emergency survival kit. In addition to flashlights, kitty litter (which helps with tire traction), food, water, and blankets, make sure you have:

  • An ice scraper
  • A shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • Tire chains
  • Road flares

A kit like this is vital in case you get stranded, but you can prevent accidents due to snow and ice by being cautious while driving. Go slow, give yourself plenty of room, check your tire pressure, and keep your gas tank full.

Your Family

Property damaged by blizzards and ice is replaceable. Your family is not. The most important thing you can do before a snowstorm blows through is have an action plan in place and practiced.

  • Write down essential phone numbers for relatives, work, school, etc.
  • Teach your children about winter-related health dangers like frostbite and hypothermia (warm, loose-fitting, layered clothing is key!).
  • In a power outage, never operate a portable generator, grill, or camp stove inside, and be sure to run those devices away from windows and vents outside. Your best bet is to go to the home of a relative or friend, or a public shelter, if your home loses power and/or heat.
  • Lastly, be sure to bring your pets inside during heavy snow or other winter weather!

More Winter Preparedness Tips

Make this autumn a season of preparation for the colder temperatures and inclement weather ahead. Find more tips on our website, and remember: Van Rooy Restoration is here for you 24/7, should a damaging winter storm strike your home or business.