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Frequently Asked Restoration Questions

When Can I Call for Help?

Our emergency team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us during business hours at (317) 684‑7315 or after hours at 1‑800 VAN ROOY. We recommend that you call us immediately, so that we can prevent further damage while your claim is being investigated. We can also protect your interests by working with your insurance company’s representative.

When Will My Insurer Pay?

That depends upon the size and nature of the damage. Most often you will receive the first payment shortly after the insurance representative visits your property. After the initial payment, you will likely receive additional funds during and after the project is completed. You’re responsible for ensuring that the contractor is paid on time. We recommend that you stay in touch with the insurance company throughout the process, and keep track of all your costs.

Who Chooses Replacement Materials?

Most insurance plans call for returning a home or building to its original condition, and require that damaged materials be replaced with the same types of materials. When that’s not possible, comparable materials are used. When we prepare a scope of work, we base our costs on comparable materials. If you wish to use more expensive items in place of the damaged materials, you’ll have to pay separately for any additional cost.

What If I Want Additional Work?

If you decide to use the damage as an opportunity to upgrade your home or business, we’ll need to estimate those improvements separately. They will not be covered by your insurance.

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