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Fire Restoration Process

Though each restoration project has a unique solution, Van Rooy’s fire restoration process consists of four essential phases to ensure your property is restored to pre-damage conditions.

Step 1: Emergency Response

Our primary focus when we arrive on the scene is making sure that the building is secure by boarding up windows and doors, even installing a temporary roof or walls to protect the structure from further damage. Once the building is safe and secure, efforts to limit secondary damage from water and soot can begin.

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Step 2: Contents Restoration

After the structure is secured it’s time to address the contents of the building or home. Those contents that haven’t been directly affected by the fire have potentially suffered water damage, exposure to soot, and have certainly been overwhelmed with smoke odor. During the contents restoration process our experts:

  • Carefully document the damaged items
  • Move contents off-site to the restoration area
  • Dry, clean, and deodorize the items
  • Return the items to the home on move-in day

Step 3: Water Damage Restoration

A necessary, but destructive, element used when extinguishing a fire is water. Water travels everywhere and can damage contents and the structure quickly. When handling water damage our experts:

  • Quickly respond to a wet structure
  • Determine the extent of the water migration
  • Decide where and how to concentrate the drying effort
  • Extract as much water as possible and begin drying the structure

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Step 4: Eliminating Odor After a Fire

Soot and smoke will find their way into every nook and cranny of a building. That’s why it’s important to follow the path of the smoke and investigate every possible hiding spot to ensure that all the surfaces are cleaned and deodorized before finish work begins. Our project managers and technicians are specifically trained in odor control, and believe that odor elimination is one of the most important components in a fire restoration project.

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