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Roofing Restoration & Repair Services

With hundreds of roofing projects under our belts, it’s safe to say we know how to put a roof over your head. Whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced from natural wear and tear, or it has been damaged in a fire or storm, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to complete your project. As certified HAAG Residential and Commercial Roof Inspectors we understand how to perform a thorough inspection, determine the problem, and offer the best solution for your needs and budget.

Van Rooy New Roof Installation Process

Before we begin any roofing project, we want to know that you fully understand every step of the process. While we are always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about the project and give references upon request, we encourage you to read about each step of the process and watch the videos below.

1.   Shingle Removal

To ensure the utmost care and attention is paid we use a shingle removal spade to remove shingles — no powered equipment.

2.   Felt Removal

Once all of the shingles have been removed from the structure we remove the felt layer using the same removal spade.

3.   Ice & Water Shield

To prevent future leaks and ice dams, we apply an ice and water shield to further protect your home.

4.   Synthetic Underlayment

Superior to the traditional felt layer, synthetic underlayment is applied to the surface of your roof.

5.   Drip Edge (if needed)

If necessary, we will install a metal strip to help direct rainwater off of your roof.

6.   Snap Lines

Because we know proper shingle alignment it crucial to completing a successful roofing installation, we always snap lines to make sure there is not a single shingle out of place.

7.   Starter

To prevent any shingles from moving or blowing off of your roof we will install a starter to lock them into place.

8.   Shingle

Our roofing experts will provide you with shingle samples and discuss your options to help you find the best shingles for your structure.

9.   Flashing & Vents

To prevent unwanted water and air within your shingle installation, we will flash around vents and around the exterior of your home.

10. Capping

At the peak of your home, where the two sides of shingles meet, we will cap and seal your shingles in place.

11. Clean Up

After completing our job we will thoroughly clean your property so it is free of nails and other related trash.

Roofing Videos & Diagrams





Roof Diagram

Recent Roofing Projects

Visit our photo gallery to see more of our previous work.

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Great work - so pleased with the results!

JENNIFER (Carmel, IN) , June 1, 2015 , General Construction

Very happy with all work!

MARY (Indianapolis, IN) , May 6, 2015 , General Construction

Everyone was wonderful to work with, highly recommend your company to anyone!

AMY (Warren, IN) , April 24, 2015 , General Construction

Bathroom remodel was perfect. A great experience

BILL (Indianapolis, IN) , February 9, 2015 , Bath Remodel

Loved working with the Van Rooy team. Chad & Chris were great.

LEVI (Indianapolis, IN) , August 21, 2014 , New Roof Installed

We thank everyone at Van Rooy so much for making this a good experience

ELIZABETH (Indianapolis, IN) , July 23, 2014 , New Roof

Professional, understanding, clean & courteous

JOHN (Indianapolis, IN) , July 18, 2014 , New Roof

Great people to work with. Everyone was very nice & courteous.

LISA (Indianapolis, IN) , May 28, 2014 , Water Damage

This was the best team I ever had in my home. #1 on my list!

DENISE (Indianapolis, IN) , March 7, 2014 , Ice Storm

I would highly recommend Van Rooy Restoration to anyone with any sort of catastrophe in their home. All of their employees were professional & courteous.

GERALD (Greenfield, IN) , March 6, 2014 , Water Damage

Thank you for solving the most perplexing situation in my 90 years of life!!

BETTY (Brownsburg, IN) , October 30, 2013 , Water Damage

Your company is the best. Todd Pickett is outstanding.

MARY ANN (Indianapolis, IN) , October 18, 2013 , Remodel

They did an exceptional job. They handled the insurance claim and made the whole process as easy as possible.

DINA (Carmel, IN) , October 16, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Their staff communicated with us through out the entire process and their craftsmanship was second to none. We highly recommend them.

DAVE (New Palestine, IN) , September 2, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Everyone I dealt with was professional & pleasant. They clearly know the process and helped me through it step by step.

MARY (Fishers, IN) , August 30, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

The knowledge, experience, and professionalism they displayed really made us feel at ease. We highly recommend this company.

KELLI (Carmel, IN) , August 27, 2013 , Exterior Work

The quality was of the highest degree, and our home is back to looking as beautiful as before!

SUZANNE (Fishers, IN) , August 24, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Thanks to Don, Chris, Jason and Chad. All did a superb job.

WES (Avon, IN) , August 13, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Thank you for the help and going the extra mile for us Chris & Chad!!

JONATHAN (Fishers, IN) , July 30, 2013 , New Roof Installed

I am very satisfied with my experience with Van Rooy and would recommend this company to anybody.

TOM (Fishers, IN) , July 19, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

These folks are on time - professional - courteous - always cleaned up messes and were great communicators. They explained things before, during and after.

KEN (Indianapolis, IN) , July 11, 2013 , New Roof Installed

Got the job done in a timely fashion. Extremely thorough with clean-up too.

VALERA (Carmel, IN) , June 25, 2013 , Roofing

Chris was always available to answer our questions, we were very pleased.

MICHAEL (New Palestine, IN) , June 2, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

We will always call on Van Rooy Restoration for any home improvement needs!

PATRICIA (Acton, IN) , May 30, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

I would highly recommend Van Rooy to anyone seeking quality services for their home or business. They exceeded my expectations.

KIM (Fishers, IN) , May 28, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

The crew was polite, friendly & extremely efficient. Follow up was outstanding.

KRISTEN (Fishers, IN) , May 10, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Everything was on schedule as planned. No problems and would use them again.

ROBERT (Fishers, IN) , May 8, 2013 , Hail & Wind Damage

Able to fix my problem immediately. Great company & staff!

ASHLEIH (Castleton, IN) , March 25, 2013 , General Construction

Contractor was very polite, helpful & knowledgeable. Workers cleaned all mess made.

MARY (Indianapolis, IN) , December 3, 2012 , Roof & Siding

Wonderful job! No regrets. I would use them again if needed.

GLORIA (Indianapolis, IN) , October 23, 2012 , Water Damage

Very efficient & professional. Would definitely use again!

RICHARD (Carmel, IN) , August 12, 2012 , Roof Repair